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We offer top quality website design and development in and around Sudbury, Suffolk. We design unique websites tailored to your needs, which are easy to keep up to date and SEO and mobile optimised. Our websites will make you stand out from your competitors.

We combine creative flare with technical skill for a range of services from logo design to website development.

We Care, we listen!

Every step of the way our customers have full input into the outcome of their project, This ensures the happiness of our customers.
Aftercare is an important part of customer service so, when your website is live, or your logo has been designed and finished we keep in contact, we're always keen to be on hand if we're needed.

Sudbury, Colchester, Essex, Suffolk, London, United Kingdom
Graphic design and website development

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Twitter hashtags and engagement
If you run a business you will be aware of this thing called social media marketing the idea is to generate more business by doing whatever works on a specific social media platform such as Facebook, Linkedin or twitter. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of Twitter The idea is to get...

Graphic design is not about making pretty pictures, or the mundane beautiful. There is often confusion over what a graphic designer does that an artist does not So, what is the difference between art and graphic design? Well, there is some crossover between the two as they are both communicating...

WordPress Drupal Security
We encounter an alarming number of people who have websites for their business but no idea how secure it is or what they can do to protect themselves and their business. This is of vital importance if you own an online shop, or rely on your website for your business, a compromised website can even...

Drupal and WordPress website security
What are Website security updates? Website security updates are releases of your website's software to keep it secure. Like your mobile devices or computer's operating system, new updates are released to keep up to date with the latest security attacks. It’s annoying when you want to get on with...

Do you know how to check your WordPress website security?
If your website's security is out of date it can mean your website could become compromised by either sending out spam which will blacklist your email (and possibly bring your website down, depending on where it's hosted), inappropriate images could get posted to your pages or data can get stolen...

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"Polyspiral Graphic Design is a brilliant company whom have helped me a great deal with setting up my own company website and logo. Polyspiral are an extremely helpful, experienced and professional individuals and I cannot recommend her services highly enough. "