WordPress how tos

Go to Dashboard then Media:   Select the image you need to correct:  

How can I change the featured product i WordPress Woocommerce?
To change the featured products, Go to edit the product Top right where it says: Catalog visibility: Shop and search results, click Edit Tick 'This is a featured product' if you want it to show in the featured products area on the home page, or untick if you don't want it to Click...

  Adding hyperlinks and telephone links is s must if you're to manage our online presence.       See more videos at : www.youtube.com/user/polyspirallogoweb

How to add a product variation in WooCommerce in WordPress
If you have already set up your WooCommerce site and have products with variations, here's how to add more, for example you may already have red, green and blue but want to add orange as an option for your product

A really simple thing that some people get stuck on is adding an image into their pages. Here's short video to show you how.

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